The vision of  College is to transform and transfigure the students to be empowered teachers who engage teaching as a service and a sacrifice to save the learner from the darkness of evil and lead towards the light of wisdom.



  • To equip the prospective teachers to become engaged citizens who are physically healthy, emotionally intelligent, personally effective, socially responsible, aesthetically sensitive, who have character, commitment and courage with global consciousness and local connectedness.
  • To motivate student teachers to become transformative teachers who demonstrate faith in their thought, wisdom in words, courage in deeds and service as a symbol of their life.
  • To mould the self to fully functioning personalities who integrate cognitive and affective talents in the classrooms to make learning a pleasant experience for the learners.
  • To extend the teacher education services to the community for the well-being of the society
  • To explore the educational scenario to supplement, support and intervene in the educational sphere to make it more effective.
  • To promote quality of Teacher Education in the light of a Christian understanding of the world and society.